Have you ever written a blog and tried to be smart or clever with the blog title? 

That was me, writing great retail content in my blogs,  educational and informative information and advice for the small independent retailer. But when it came to the blog title, I found I had used quirky or clever titles. Smug face worn, I would hit “publish” and tick that task off my list. Yes, the content is out there, fresh words on my website, perfect for SEO… but then what?

And the traffic starts flooding in?  

Unfortunately not. Yes my blogs were getting views from warm leads… from me sharing like a proud parent on social media, linked in etc, but cold traffic… nothing. Baffled, yes.

Then what? 

I offered my website up as “tribute” for a live critique session in a mentoring group I’m a member of. I already knew some of the criticism I was in for but I was particularly interested in any observations of my blogs posts.

So we talked about my blog posts … mid marks for regular content (at least one a month… could try harder), top marks for quality of blog content… demonstrating my knowledge in the retail industry, but a big fat zero for some of my blog post titles.

Here’s a few examples, and it would be rude not to pop the links to the blogs on here, as you almost definitely missed them first time around!

Easy Upselling

Has the Apple Fallen Far From The Tree? My latest blog is talks about Apple and other big retail names, and highlighting some of the retail and product mistakes they have been making. Really good info (IMO) and would be helpful to any small retailer… but my blog title is too clever / obscure. That was me being “smart” … but who would ever search for a blog with that title hoping to find me? No one… ever through google.

So lesson learnt, title your blogs with the issue or question you are answering / solving in your blog.

The suggestion in this instance was “How to discover the mistakes big retailers are Making” or similar ish.

When someone not close to your business points it out and demonstrates the confusion it makes perfect sense… why would anyone landing on my site know how great my content and observations were from a title about an apple falling from the tree? They may think I’ve gone mad and am blabbering on about Isaac Newton and gravity (not likely!) but they wouldn’t know that I make some great points about not listening to a customer, not evolving a product and relying heavily on the competition not catching up….all of which has totally had a negative affect on their sales. 

I see retailers blogging about colour, trends, new arrivals but their blog titles don’t tell me that. Their blog titles are dull and don’t give me a reason to click and read their juicy content. Yes I need to find out about the Spring colour palette, I’m desperate to know if unicorns are still in vogue, and that the new Easter stock has arrived…. but create some excitement, some buzz and use blog titles such as Unicorns…are they still a huge trend in 2019? How to make sure your lounge is back on trend with the latest colour palette. Discover the 3 easiest tricks to make your garden beautiful this spring. 

Simple when it’s explained to us, and when the customer knows what they are about to read information on. 

So make it obvious what you are blogging about… after all, a clever title won’t get them to click. 


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