The VIP Retail Biz Club

Resources and Training for Female Retailers and Product Business Owners

The Retail Biz Club with Vicky

Increase Sales, Be More Profitable & Trade to Success

The Price : It’s just £20 per month…


For the price of a couple of coffees and slices of your favourite cake, your nails manicured, or a couple bottles of fizz per week you can join a membership club full of product business owners and have everything you need to make more money…

Do you want to get more retail sales, make more money and grow the product business that you love?

Yes. I know you do. And you will receive focused advice and training, action plans and downloads to help you get more sales and make more money. You’ll get short, manageable videos to view and then implement in your business, showing how and why you need to take action. You’ll understand the figures in your business, how and when to plan, how to increase footfall and grab more visitors on your site.

What’s included?

Welcome Bundle of Downloads to use every week in your business


Monthly Bespoke Training Masterclasses


Monthly Live Q&A


Private Group of Retailers and Product Entrepreneurs


Monthly Accountability


Guest Expert Training Sessions


Guest Expert Workshops


100% Retail Focused Support & Advice from my 23 years bank of experience


Hi there retailer.

I know you love your business and are so passionate and eager to make it grow and thrive. You love product, things, stuff. You love customers, talking about your ranges and are pretty much obsessed with all things retail. But you’re also searching for the rule book on how to increase your sales, drive traffic to your site, or whether you should start selling on Amazon or eBay. Who has all these answers? Who can help you with these decisions?

I know that there is so much information and support out there, plenty of coaches and online groups but often it can become so overwhelming that you don’t know what to do. No-one seems to understand the challenges a small retail business faces. How devastated you feel when someone copies your products, or when a huge competitor opens a shop on your doorstep, or when a customer asks for that one size that you just don’t have in stock. You’re crushed, you’re deflated, and you feel pretty much on your own. Imagine how you would feel if someone really understood what you were going through, someone who has years of retail experience from stock room to board room, and who cares about YOUR business.


I understand. I get it. I know the challenges within the world of multiple retail – the giants, and I also know the juggles and challenges of being a small, brand new retail business.

  • Do you want a place to seek help about all things retail – online, bricks and mortar, platform selling, customers, products and suppliers?


  • Do you wonder if it’s really possible to juggle so many roles in your business – buyer, seller, pick and pack, marketeer, accountant


  • Do you get in a muddle with spreadsheets and figures? You are confused over what, when and how you should be recording sales figures


  • Do you wish someone would talk you through how to price products and work out margins – because you would feel pretty silly asking now


  • Do you want to sound off ideas to someone who is an expert, who would know and understand what you’re talking about?


  • Have you wasted money on stock and new trends and are scared of making the same mistakes again?


  • Are you feeling like no-one else understands the pressure you feel?


  • Are you searching for the handbook on how to grow your sales?


  • Do you want someone to advise what to do if a supplier or a customer is problematic?


  • Would you like to be part of a safe, supportive community where you can ask for help, share recommendations, celebrate your wins and brainstorm your crazy ideas?

Did you answer yes to any of the above?


Then you’ve found the right place to provide a huge YES to all those questions!

Join the VIP Retail Biz Club today and start to get the support and training that you deserve and will make a difference in your business. For the price of a couple of coffees and slices of your favourite cake, your nails manicured, or a couple bottles of fizz, you CAN get the focused, bespoke help and support for your retail and product business. No faffing, no advice that is aimed any number of industries…. We are all about retail. From one retailer to another, this is focused, niche help and support across a whole range of topics.

Am I describing you?

  • You’re a new retailer (or start up) and are approaching a little bit of panic that retailing isn’t as easy as you thought… and you wish you had more experience in retail


  • You have bags of energy, ideas and goals but need some guidance on how to get moving with it all


  • Or perhaps you have been trading for a few years, you’re trading reasonably well, but there are bumpy bits in your journey – reflecting in your sales figures


  • You’d like to nail a few niggles & challenges, and push your business further forward


  • Or maybe you have been trading for several years, you have worked out what is selling and your sales trends, but want some accountability to grow to the next level


  • You may even be considering expanding your team, importing from China or venturing into wholesale


At whatever stage you’re at, you’re frustrated, fed up of procrastinating and not taking action, and really want to work on your business to generate more sales

At whatever stage you’re at, you’re frustrated, fed up of procrastinating and not taking action, and really want to work on your business to generate more sales

WHAATTT, she’s talking about me!

Did I get you right?


Come on into the VIP Retail Biz Club!


It’s a membership club just for retailers and product businesses who really want to work on growing their sales, making more profit and stop wasting money on poor selling stock. It’s a club where you can mix and mingle with other business owners just like you, swap contacts, share tips and gain support. It’s a safe place to ask questions, however much you may think it’s silly, or ask for advice and help. It’s a hub of bespoke training on topics and challenges faced by retailers every single day. It’s your place, your hub where you can ask for a topic to be covered, and it will happen. It’s a community of entrepreneurs who are cheering you on, and where everyone wants each other to be successful.


This small group is perfect for you to help your business thrive.


This isn’t a group of thousands of faceless business owners, pitching and vying to be heard. Nor a place full of noise where members feel intimidated, failing or overwhelmed. I won’t let that happen, I don’t want a club like that for me, or our members.


The VIP Retail Biz Club is full of value, focus and motivation.


A place to connect and be connected.


No more winging it! You’ve got this, and I’ve got your back now!



So, what the heck is it?


This is a membership club, not a training course or plan. You can work through the content at your own pace, as and when you need it, some stuff may be more important or relevant than others, and you may want to focus specifically on one subject, nail it and then move on to the next topic.


The Price? Well I do take my own advice and tell you the price…. Yep its £20 per month … you read that right… just £20 per month!

What do you get?


Every single month you will receive fresh content, in the form of a brand-new training pack – a workshop and workbook for you to work through

Topics such as:

Social media – learn the types of posts to create, imagery, memes and videos to share across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest

Websites – we look at themes, layouts, pages, copy, images. Learn the top mistakes most retailers make, and how to correct them

Range planning – understand the 80/20 rule, how to plan the size of your range, and launch it

Packaging and branding – the importance of your brand and other brands in your ranges, how packaging can make a difference

Safety and testing – how to avoid the wrath of trading standards and ensure your products are safe for consumer use

Importing – if you are this stage in your business, we talk through the basics of importing and how to cost your product accurately

Negotiating – how to be firm with your suppliers and get the deal you deserve

Growing your sales – the million-dollar question, we take you back to basics and review the steps you need to take to grow those figures

Record keeping – clear the confusion on what you need to note down, figures to calculate and what you can learn from them

Earning more profit – I show you how a review of your costs and retail prices can make a big difference in your business

Cashflow – how to manage your stock holding and cashflow to free up money to allow you to buy new stock

Planning – looking ahead on a monthly, quarterly and half yearly basis and the important of this

Benchmarking – reviewing the competition online and offline

Blogging – what to blog about without it feeling like a sales pitch

Newsletters and e-marketing – what to talk about in a newsletter without it feeling icky

Each month we will have a guest expert who will come in and host a training session on their expert field and how you can apply their training in your retail business.

Experts include:


  • Suppliers / manufacturers
  • Trade show / fair organisers
  • Visual merchandisers
  • Finance / merchandisers
  • Designers
  • SEO
  • Post & packaging
  • Safety QA experts
  • Branding
  • Tech experts – websites, e marketing, video technology
  • Photography
  • Mindset
  • Outsourcing / VA

A Social Hub to meet other likeminded retail entrepreneurs:


  • Ask for help
  • Share a contact threads: Supplier recommendations
  • Matching & networking sessions with similar businesses
  • Accountability
  • Interviews & Hot seat features with members
  • Ask for product testers / product reviews
  • Weekly marketplace / promo threads
  • Swap shop marketplace



  • Exclusive Downloadable freebies
  • A success path – understand where you are now, and where you want to get to
  • Discounts off courses and 1:1 work with me
  • Industry insights and top tips
  • Regular observations on what is happening in the retail world
  • Free mini reviews on members websites and social media channels

ALL FOR just £20 per month

Why should you trust me to deliver all of this?


I am a retailer through to my core. I’ve been in retail buying since 1995 (before the days of the internet) and worked for some amazing retailers (Matalan, Poundstretcher, Instore, Home Bargains, Liverpool Football Club, Carfest and BBC Children in Need). I threw my heart and soul into my career, progressing to Head of Buying & Merchandising, and Head of Retail & Trade at LFC and BBC. I loved every day, I spent weeks on sourcing trips in China, Hong Kong, Turkey, Thailand, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan and India. I took sample shopping trips to LA, Tokyo, Europe, Las Vegas, New York. I travelled on the LFC Summer Tour to USA in 2015, and experienced the thrill of 3 kit launches in the UK. Yep I had a ball, it was a blast.


Then one day, I woke up stressed, tired and my heart no longer sang. It was time to move on.


It was a natural step for me to set up my own retail start up, Almost Vintage, but at the same time, many of my old contacts got in touch asking me to work on consultancy projects for them. That was 3 years ago, and my business is now very different. I made mistakes with Almost Vintage, I didn’t know my product range well enough and it was a noisy marketplace.

I realised that working with entrepreneurs and small retailers does make my heart sing. I love it, I can see the difference my support and focus makes, and I love sharing my knowledge with retailers, hearing success stories and love to cheerlead you all on.


I have delivered guest speaking talks at many networking meetings and conferences, I enjoy working with bricks and mortar businesses as much as online / virtually.


In 2017 I set up a virtual fitness business last year with my sister, and we got that right, growing it to a six-figure business in less than one year. Join me in the biz club and I will share with you what works and what didn’t!


So I don’t just know mega retail businesses, I know small business retailing too. I sell on ebay and Amazon, I’ve sold on NOTHS, I know the challenges of social media visibility.


Did I tell you how much this was? £20, yes that’s the price of a couple of the latest best-selling novels, lunch out, or a couple of cocktails in a posh bar. It’s less than some of the products in your make up bag, far less than your haircut, and most definitely less than the price of a decent bottle of gin!


For £20 per month, you can turn your investment into several hundreds, then thousands of pounds of profit in your retail business.


Will you increase the price?

Not once you have joined… that’s locked in forever for you

Can I cancel?

You can cancel at any time… I don’t want you to, but you know we can part as friends at any time

Can I request specific training?

Yes! I do listen to my members and will introduce specifically requested training sessions if and when requested. If I’m not confident on the topic, I’ll bring someone on

Am I safe to share information?

Yes, the group is a private, closed group. No-one outside of the group can see you your posts or comments, so even if you tell us trade is rubbish, and ask for help, no-one in the outside world will know. All members know to respect confidentiality.

I’m in your free group…what’s the difference?

My free group was a test space to see how I would work in a group environment. Content isn’t structured or organised in there, I pretty much squeezed in the content when I had time between my paid work. This meant that I wasn’t able to focus too much on what and when I delivered content in there, but moving to a membership club means I dedicate my time to producing fantastic content for you.

Can you tell us how you do things?

Absolutely, I share with you how I operate in my own retail business, I’ll jump on a live to deliver a quick tip, or be the first to tell you a success, problem or bizarre situation with a supplier or customer. I’m not afraid to share my trading secrets… that’s why this group is here.

Isn’t this group similar to lots of others I have seen on facebook?

Nope! There is only one me, only me with my experience to share and doing things in my way. Yep I’m rubbish with tech, so I keep things simple… no fancy techy bits for me. If there’s a shortcut, I’ll use it. But seriously, this group is so focused on retail and physical products, ecom retailing, Amazon selling, Not on the high street and lovely bricks and mortar businesses…. I create bespoke trainings and help just for retailers. If you’re not a retailer, crafter, maker or selling a physical product you will not find this VIP club of use I’m afraid!

So what are you waiting for?

Join now and start to grow those sales….

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