Hello to you if you are Manufacturers, Importers, Wholesalers, Online retailers, High Street Stores, Crafters

Whether you’re an online retailer or operate from a physical store you will face challenges every day running your business. Having to do everything yourself, carve up your time across buying, selling, designing, displaying, ecom, accounts, unpacking and packing parcels, customer service etc etc …

Are you stuck with any of the following?

Do you want to get your product listed with a big retailer but can’t get in touch with the right person?
Do you have a product range and are confused over how to work out your retail and wholesale prices?
Looking to import from China but don’t know where to start?
Are you ready to explore manufacturing opportunities in Asia and Europe, but frightened of what could go wrong?

Feel you aren’t getting the best costs and trade terms from your suppliers but not sure how to handle it?
Does your own business need some oomph to get some va va voom back in your sales?

Are you a small business selling on NOTHS, Ebay, Amazon etc. and not getting the sales you would like?

Do you want to know the skills and tricks of the big multiple retailers? And apply those methods to your business to see real results?

Do you spend more time selling and not enough time sourcing and negotiating, and deep down you know you could get lower cost prices?

Do you need to find new suppliers and manufacturers who can develop more innovative products?

Are you worried about your competitors? Do you know you need to keep an eye on the market, but never have the time?

Do you know your weekly, monthly, quarterly figures? Are you keeping track of your stock and sales? Do you have a budget to work to when placing orders?

Are you a craft business needing to reduce your material costs, but don’t know where to start everything…your business started as a hobby, and you need to understand costing?

So, let me help you work on your business, and your products and improve your sales and profit, after all, it’s my business to grow your business.

Imagine how great it would feel to spend the day walking a trade show, drive home and know you have next season’s range sorted and ordered?

Wouldn’t it feel great to make more profit without having to sell more stuff?

How will it feel you make a few minor changes to your business, and to see a massive increase in your sales?

Get real results…

Get your product in front of the right wholesale customers – including the big retailers you’ve always wanted to work with work with
* Source from China without the worry
* Effectively work a trade show to find better suppliers
* Get more from your existing suppliers – improved credit terms and lower cost prices
* Understand your wholesale and retail pricing structure
* Manage your stock efficiently, planning new launches, promotions and events avoiding having a high carry over stock value.
* If you are a manufacturer, learn how to increase your profit margins, consider wholesaling your products, and have the confidence and reassurance that your product labelling and packaging is compliant?

What next?

Vicky wearing a crown

I offer a free 20-minute consultation to all clients – either video or face to face (depending on location). This provides both of us with an understanding of our businesses, your pain points and the support you need.

Following the call, you will receive a short summary of our discussion, detailing recommendations & a strategy on how we can help and improve your business. Along with this, you will receive a timeline, how soon the work can start, how long it will take, and how it will progress, along with the quotation.

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