Why September is the new January for retailers…..

Every January we are all filled with hope and opportunity, making promised to ourselves that we will get fit, lose weight, be kind, get a new job, make a million etc. By February most of us have long forgotten that resolution list.

But as business owners, why don’t we review and assess our own goals and targets on a regular basis? We know we should, and we know that a good set of goals, and financial targets really helps with accountability and tracking… but often we lose our way.

That’s why I think September is a great month to give yourself a good kick up the backside, particularly if, as a retailer you have had a sluggish summer and have well and truly lost your mojo (and your customers).

September is the start of the Autumn season… yes, it’s towards the end of the year, but in retail, the last 3 months of the year are the most lucrative months of the retail calendar. If you need a quarter to revive your biz, then Q4 is the one to do it!

So, use this month as a kick start to your Quarter 4 – get planning, set yourself some goals, some targets and some motivation points.

Forget the tragedy of the rest of the year – if its hasn’t been great, and start afresh. What can you do differently?

Social media – swap your tone of voice on posts to the complete opposite (if you’ve had tumbleweed posts)

Images – if you’ve been sensible and stale, swap to sassy and fresh – use filters, quirky angles

Videos – are you using them on social media to show off your product? They can be demo videos or a slide show of images to create a video – but definitely worth trying

Look at your products – which products this year have generated the most cash for you – what is the newer version of this product for Autumn / Winter… do you have a replacement?

Is your range too wide that you have so many products you don’t know what to focus on first? Cut it down by half if it makes you feel this way. Every business has between 30 and 50% of rubbish in the range, and this is the dead wood that drains your energy. Focus your energy on your best sellers, look at ways you can improve them, update them and market them.


You have three glorious months ahead of you, and lots of calendar events to prompt your customers to shop with you… darker nights (great for home Dec and lighting businesses), half term (parents off work and spending time shopping), pay days / voucher / saving scheme pay outs, Halloween, Black Friday / Cyber Monday…. What can you plan in for each of these days / events?

This is a new beginning, the start of your golden quarter, so sit down, grab a notebook and start planning your new start! … Until you begin again in January!

If the thought of Christmas fills you with dread, why not book a 1:1 strategy call and support package with me? It’s designed to help work through an achievable, understandable action plan, with weekly actions and reminders. I work on this for you, and provide you with some tools and skills to help you plan any range and event in your business for years to come. Book now https://www.rbqconsultancy.co.uk/packages/get-retail-ready-for-christmas/

support package to help you get ready for Christmas

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