We love browsers, but we LOVE buyers even more.

How can we convert those online browsers or real humans in our shop to spending with us?

You can entice them with an offer – they love it, they respond and if it’s strong enough, they’ll convert. But offer or no offer, your product needs to meet one of their emotional needs to finally convert to a sale.

Those needs are:

Functional / practical – something has broken, you need a replacement or a part (e.g. shoes heeled, batteries for remote control, glue for a broken ornament)

Necessity –  We need the item, children grow, food to eat, the house needs to be cleaned – school uniforms, groceries, cleaning products.

The clever part is tapping at the emotions of a shopper. An emotion is “a strong feeling deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with others”. This is when owning a retail business becomes interesting.

How can you relate your products and shop to how your customers are feeling will increase that conversion rate hugely?

Let’s look at the sorts of feelings and emotions your customer may be experiencing (not all at the same time!) According to a study by the Harvard Business Review, online purchases increased by 52% when the customer felt an emotional connection to the brand and / or product.

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Think about reasons for the customer to connect with you.

This list below consists of the main emotions that are evoked in customers that turn a browser to a buyer. The benefits of buying your product or service (thing) should stir up one or more of the following emotions in the customer:

  • Stand out from the crowd – be different, be the first to have your “thing” – APPLE consumers are a great example of this.
  • A sense of belonging – relating to people they admire or aspire to be, being part of a community – on and offline communities, team spirit – particularly in the health, wellbeing and fitness industry.
  • Enjoy a sense of wellbeing – your thing will help them achieve a balance in their life stress. They want to feel special, feel a sense of freedom – your thing allows them to do something quicker, better, easier than they could before they bought it.
  • Protection – your thing helps them to take care of the environment, community, family.
  • Having fun – your thing provides feelings of excitement, youth, reminiscing.
  • Security – your thing helps them achieve goals & dreams in a manageable way. They feel secure in their abilities with your thing.
  • Success & self-improvement – your thing will help them to be better, to be a success and live up to their ideal self-image.
  • Confidence in the future – your thing will help them create a better future, bringing a positive attitude to the future, this can be appropriate for eco businesses, environmental issues have a huge emotional impact on buyers.

Recognising some of the above in your customers can then form your marketing strategy – the way you speak and present to the customer must all be in the right tone and language that resonates with their emotions. Marketing, offers, copy, images should all be focusing on creating and reviving the above feelings, once they feel this emotion, the buying conversion takes place.


One last thing though…. An industry trade secret….

From start to finish, our customers must never sense that they are at the mercy of a company or product…that we have deliberately manipulated them. They MUST feel that the buying decision was totally and utterly their decision.

It’s a fascinating topic, and one that I love to read and research about, so look out for more blogs and videos on this topic.

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