What can you do when sales are slow in your retail business? 

“I just don’t know what else to do….”…I hear you… 

I’m panicking. I really just don’t know what else to do. I’m fed up with it all. Even the big high street chains are struggling. There’s no future in retail. Amazon is taking over. Why aren’t they buying my stuff? What am I doing wrong? They just don’t seem to like my products. I’ll have to put an offer on. I need some new stock. 

Any of those statements sound familiar? If you own a shop or an online retail business, then you wouldn’t be being honest if you said No. Every single business owner in retail has muttered at least one of those phrases, in frustration, when trade is slower than expected….some more often than others. But don’t give up…read on.

News… Retail is not consistent…day after day

Retail is not consistent…. no business is, to be brutally honest. The grocers are the biggest retailers, with their customers visiting their stores every week…. or so they hope. Sometimes we don’t, we fancy a change and shop at Asda instead of Tesco, or Aldi have an offer on garden chairs, so we shop there instead. There is no true customer loyalty any more. We swap and change, we get bored, we respond to offers, to newness to bright shiny things.

That’s not what you wanted to hear; I know. But I tell you that so that you can go easy on yourself when you have had a down day or week, yet last week / month was super busy and you were on a high. Retail business owners experience the euphoric highs and excruciating lows…. there’s no in between for us.


So, despite reassuring you that it can be as up and down as a heart monitor graph, and to be kind to yourself, you’re still thinking “what the heck am I going to do?”


So what do you do?

Quick wins and bitesize tasks create the perfect tick list for you – they are jobs you can work on each day, are not overwhelming and can help you see and rectify where you may have gone off track a little. Here’s my list of areas you can focus on… 

  • Social media refresh. – Take a look at your account(s) – really focus and work on one platform at a time. When was the last time you updated your header picture, do you have missing information on your info page?
  • Have you written and about us story? Is your bio the best it can be? Are your links working? Where are you sending people with your blue facebook button?
  • Social media content – I have loads of free resources on content, including a social media challenge I have been running last month (you can still join, and you can participate at any time  http://eepurl.com/gbP3fL) … giving you 31 content ideas – specific to retailers – to post on social media. Your content needs to be a mix of text, video, lives, photos, and a mix of products, personal, shared and industry relevant types of content. The viewer should not have to scroll for longer than a couple of finger swipes to get an understanding of what you sell, and information about your business.


  • Marketing – when was the last time you sent out a newsletter to your list? If you don’t have a list, it’s time to start building one. This is the best, cheapest and most effective way of marketing…. As it’s to a warm audience. If you haven’t started building a list…. DO IT. Throw a sign up form on your page, offer a discount or a freebie and push push push.


  • Your website – visit your website as a visitor. Look at it with a fresh pair of eyes. From the landing page / home page would a visitor know what you sell / do / make? IS your product offering clear to the customer? Does it make sense?


  • Your shop – step outside, take a look at your window display, signage, paintwork, doorway… does it honestly prepares to your business well? Walk inside, can you determine immediately the type of products, and why they might appeal to. Are you displays cohesive, uncluttered and unobstructed, can you walk easily from one side of the shop to the other? Can you see the till point and changing room from entering the shop? Do the product displays make sense…? displayed and organised by range, colour, product type…. and consistent with it

All of this is free, easy to action and requires NO investment in new stock, markdown or a huge marketing budget. No excuses… there are lots of ways to talk to your customers and sell to them, so which one are you trying today?

If you would like more bespoke help for to increase the sales in your business, I have a power hour 1-2-1 call package for just £99. We spend the hour asking through your concerns, identify how and why sales are slow, and then put together a clear, bespoke action plan for your business, that will get the sales coming in quickly. Click here for more Info 



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