Is your list shrinking instead of growing?

Seeing an initial decrease in your numbers is ok, what’s the point in marketing to readers who aren’t your ideal customer, and will never ever engage or buy from you? Let’s remind ourselves why we send newsletters, to build up a relationship, market your products and services, and eventually convert the browser into a buyer. So we fall on deaf ears if the reader isn’t our super customer and will never buy from us.

So don’t dwell to much on your unsubscribe number when you initially start to send out more newsletters (if the unsubscribe continues after a few weeks, then it’s worth looking into the matter more deeply) and focus on how you can INCREASE those numbers?

Here’s my Top 3 tips on how to grow those subscribers:


Do you have a sign up form on Facebook / your website? This will get them on your list… entice them with a discount from first order, free gift or a free download…top tips. how to guide, style guide.

Many sites have the facility to show your sign up form as a pop up…automatically appearing after the viewer has been on your website for page after 10-15 seconds.


Do you talk about your freebie? – if you have one (as point 1), do you remind your social media followers that they can sign up to receive your goodies? Create posts on your social media showing a graphic of your download or discount voucher so the freebie becomes visual.


Shop owners – do you collect email addresses in your shop? You can create a short sign up form (GDPR compliant of course) and offer them a discount on their purchase. You then manually add their details into your database (infusionsoft, mailchimp etc).

Here’s a little story I have for you…

Long before GDPR and Mailchimp, email funnels or autoresponders, I worked as a Senior Buyer for Matalan from 1995-2002. During my time there, and for a long time afterwards, Matalan held one of the biggest, most valuable databases in the UK. Customers had to become members, pay £1 and give us their details, which, initially we used to post marketing mailers to them, this then evolved into emails.

The company made millions each year from all of those little £1s received from new members, or if you had lost your card!

Until a few years ago, Matalan had never paid for advertising, never needed TV ads or newspaper ads, simply using this database and communicating with them.

It wasn’t clever or targeted adverts at the time, we simply didn’t have the technology, but we were building up a picture of our customers spending, how often they shopped with us, what they bought and how often they spent. And that information helped us buyers to identify better product for our customers, ensuring a higher sell through.

So don’t dismiss the importance of gathering your crowd into a list and talking to them.

Have a read of an article from a few years ago, it’s from 2015 but it explains more of the Matalan story:

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