Why a good blog title is important for your retail sales

Have you ever written a blog and tried to be smart or clever with the blog title? That was me, writing great retail content in my blogs,  educational and informative information and advice for the small independent retailer. But when it came to the blog...

Eeek My Email List is shrinking not growing

Is your list shrinking instead of growing? Seeing an initial decrease in your numbers is ok, what's the point in marketing to readers who aren't your ideal customer, and will never ever engage or buy from you? Let's remind ourselves why we send newsletters, to build...

Was Black Friday More Of A Grey Friday For Retail?

It’s been a couple of weeks since the whole Black Friday Cyber Monday hyped up event... ...and following that was small business Saturday, and, as small retailers, did we experience the demand and surge eagerly expected? Was it as buoyant and crazy as the first couple...

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