Awareness Days – from the sensible to the silly…

Every month I publish a list of retail relevant days and dates to encourage you to link and associate your products and retail business to some or all of those particular dates.

There are the obvious dates; Halloween, Christmas, Easter… festivals; Diwali, Hanukkah, Solstice…and the fun / random; Bubble Bath Day, Gin Day, Winnie the Pooh Day. In fact, there is probably, on a list somewhere, an event / theme for every single day of the year…and some!

So how do I relate the most random days to my business?

There are some dates that even I find difficult to link to certain products, but with a little brainstorming and stepped thinking, there are a lot of the more fun days that you can link to your business.

Firstly, how and why should you even bother with these days?

Straight answer! It’s a very easy way of talking about your product without seeming to be too “salesy”. We all get fed up and bored of posting on social media simple images and links showing our products, and we’re pretty certain our customers are too. But, tell a story, deliver a piece of interesting information that relates to your product is a much smoother, slicker way of selling.

How do we talk about these days on social media?

Before you create any content, it’s important that you think of the desired outcome. Do you want sales as an outcome? Bookings for a course? Sign ups for your free resource? You can’t just post “Happy Gin Day” without an outcome. Think about having a conversation with your audience, and how you would bring about this event into a conversation.

Hashtags are great ways to interact with your audience. Many of the more common awareness days have associated hashtags and a little research beforehand, and connecting with nay official organisations that are running or participating on the event, means you can connect with an audience all interested in the day.

Memes / Images are great for Facebook – if relevant turn it into a humorous post with some accompanied text to explain the relevance, if a more serious event, post a simple image of your product and take some time to write a short piece to accompany the image.

Images are perfect for Instagram, and gain maximum visual impact. Just ensure your link in bio is relevant to the product.

Website – a blog allows you to talk about the day in more details, particularly if you want to refer to more than one product, and to talk in more details about the relevance of the day, linking it to your products and business, and talk about the benefits and features of your products.

Take Care with events that are linked to charities and fundraising

If you choose to link to any events that are linked to charities… particularly if you aren’t supporting the charity with donations, fundraising etc. please take care not to mislead. For example, if you are linking into McMillan cancer Cake Sales in September, and are linking your own products (such as baking products, cookery lessons etc), then it is absolutely fine to do this. It’s not ok if you aren’t contributing to the charity.

Look and plan ahead & build into your marketing strategy

Looking ahead at events and awareness days coming up will help you with your social media and marketing strategy. I post a list out at the start of each month, but you can easily search online and also pencil in the most obvious events into your own planning calendar. Take Your Time…think quality not quantity

Don’t rush and quickly put together your post, think about it as much as you would with any content, look at new products that are coming into stock, have on offer or that you can craft and create to time in with the event or day.

And you don’t need to link to absolutely every single awareness day. If most of your posts are revolving around awareness days, your social media account will look too “samey”, and as with any type of post, you need variety.

Never miss out on the most applicable awareness days for retail, check out my facebook page at the end of each month as I post all the most important key days for retailers.

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