I am the Retail Business Queen

My expertise?  A retail consultancy expert who has spent the last 20+ years working for, and building some the UK’s largest, most successful retail brands including Matalan, Home Bargains & LFC (Liverpool Football Club)

Creating profitable empires (and even little niche empires that support a family).

What do I do? 

Identify Suppliers & Source Amazing Products, Retail Planning and the successful Implementation of Retail Strategies

I help you define it, source it, package it, sell it and profit.

Why work with me? ….I’ve been doing this for over 20 years, I know retail, I know Sourcing. I can help your Business.

Whether you are a small independent retailer or an international multi-brand, I work with you in defining who you are selling to, finding products that your customers actually want and need, and how you can best source products; through UK and International channels.

Everything I do is focused on my client – Delivering products that fill a need, will sell and will make them profit in the process.

I’m Vicky Powell, Director of RBQ Consultancy Ltd. I started my business in 2015 after deciding I wanted to share my skills and knowledge with other businesses, create a flexible way to work with any size of business and being able to mix my love of product with a wide array of different genres of business.

I have over 20 years’ experience in retail and sourcing, travelling to factories in China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, USA, Germany. Poland, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Ireland and of course the U.K.

I have met with thousands of suppliers and know what separates the good from the great with products and sales people, how to create a big impression within the first 60 seconds of showing a product, and how to convince a buyer to say yes, I’d love to stock your product…. Because I have sat at that desk, listening to sales reps, and can spill the secrets on sales, as well as buying.

My Team

RBQ Consultancy now consists of a team of associates, all experienced in retail buying, sourcing, merchandising and design who support me with projects, training and clients needs. Together we can immediately start to help you grow your business.


10 Really Interesting Facts About Me!

  1. I’ve been travelling to Asia since 1997, and have visited China approximately 50 times, that’s a lot of visas!
  2. I’ve visited trade shows all over the world – my favourite being the Gift Fair in Atlanta, USA.
  3. My first million pound budget was back in 1998, and I was terrified about being responsible for so much money!
  4. My favourite product category is Halloween – I first bought this category back in 1998 and have watched it grow into a huge multi-million pound industry in the UK.
  5. I’ve trained 100’s people, many of whom have gone on to have successful careers. The first CEO I worked for is still a respected mentor to me.
  6. The industry is all about who you know, and many of my closest friends are ex colleagues / senior managers working in lots of other different retail operations.
  7. My favourite city to comp shop is New York – the buzz, the bustle, the busy-ness, I love it!
  8. My favourite store in the whole world is FAO Schwartz in Manhattan – the biggest toy store in the world, it’s such a fun place in which you CAN forget you’re a grown up!
  9. I had never been to a football match before I joined Liverpool Football Club – and I still don’t know the offside rule!
  10. The most interesting place I have visited is Panipat, India – the food, culture, people, colours, fabrics – amazing place (despite getting terrible food poisoning).

So if you want to tap into my knowledge, delve into my book of contacts or test my retail skills, I’d love to work with you. I have built up a team of associates who work for RBQ Consultancy Ltd, giving us an even wider breadth of skills design, shipping, freight, warehousing, testing, factory inspections, copywriting and marketing.

You get the benefit on 20 years of good, reliable contacts, saving you time and effort on finding the best suppliers. You can utilise my skills and knowledge to teach you how to brief suppliers, prepare for a trade show or negotiate your prices down even further. You can save time, improve your margins and grow your sales – all having a positive affect on your profits.

One of the most frequently asked questions I hear are “How can I compete with the big retailers?”. There is no reason why you can’t compete, with the right suppliers and product ranges, knowing who your ideal customer is, and really taking advantage of your USP. You can do more than the big retailers and offer a personal service, go that extra mile with finishing touches to surprise and delight your customer.

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