Trends, Themes and Trade Shows

Trends, Themes and Trade Shows Pretty much every month there appears in my diary “trade show”, I could actually attend one more or less every day (there’s so many of them covering every product type, hobby and vocation) … and love them or hate them, every...

Why September is the New January

Why September is the new January for retailers….. Every January we are all filled with hope and opportunity, making promised to ourselves that we will get fit, lose weight, be kind, get a new job, make a million etc. By February most of us have long forgotten...

Why finding that “ideal Customer” isn’t as straightforward as you think….

So, when we are told we can’t market to everybody, often we know we should market to everybody, because our product does appeal to everybody.

It is hard to create your style of marketing to appeal to everybody, so you do have to choose your marketing to suit a “group” of ideal customers, or, create your marketing to appeal to their pain point…which, in turn markets to everyone with that pain point.